Witch was invented 50 years ago in Germany, and its production sedenly stopped.

Its emerged again in Japan by Kagawa company with its due patent.

In 2011 high technology in molding for precision was applied and and patented by Kagawa Co.

The needle threader WITCH is valuable for its accuracy and durability.

Kagawa trading Company the WITCH sole manufacturer worldwide.

We are looking for distributorsor representatives for Witch Needle Threader per region.

Contact us for quotations should you have a customer or you wish to be a distributor.


  1. Position the needle into the chimney and the thread onto the neck of the threader (Fig. 1)
  2. While holding the thread into the neck vertice, press down the white pedal to get the threaded loop.
  3. Without removing the needle, pull out completely one of thread ends from the loop offered at the edge of the threather chemney by the pin at the lateral edge, and get your needle fully threaded ready to be used.

Your needle is ready to be used.

Standard good needles should rotate automatically.

Please be always gentle if more attempts are required and your threaeder will last all your life.

Presione el pedal y listo, aguja enhebrada !

  1. Coloque la aguja dentro de la chimenea del enhebrador y el hilo sobre el vertice (Fig. 1)
  2. Mientras sostiene hacia abajo el hilo, presione el pedal para obtener la punta enhebrada.
  3. Sin aun remover la aguja, hale la punta enhebrada ofrecida por un pin al borde de la chimenea.

Su aguja esta lista para usar !

Agujas buenas normales deben jirarautomaticamente.

Utilice el enhebrador con delicadesa y de seguro le durara todo su vida.